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Data Protection Information for Interested Parties and Customers

Protecting your personal data is important to us. It is also our legal duty. Your personal information is processed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws and provisions. The overview below is intended to provide you with information on the most important aspects of how your personal data is handled.


Company name: Alpin Rentals GmbH
Address: Hart van Brabantlaan 500, 5038 JA Tilburg, Niederlande
Phone Number: +43 654 720 600

Data Protection Officer

No Data Protection Officer has been appointed as there is no legal requirement to do so.

Why do we process your data

Your data assists us in the management of customer and interested party accounts as related to real estate brokerage (including text documents pertaining to these matters (such as correspondence) that are issued and archived on an automated basis).

Legal basis

Contract, contract initiation (brokerage agreement), as well as a statutory basis

How long do we store your data

The data is stored for the duration of the contractual relationship and, upon termination of the contract, for at least as long as the statutory retention periods are in effect or as long as the statutory periods of limitation for any potential legal claims have not yet expired.

With whom do we share your information:

We process and store the personal information relayed or provided to us only insofar as the data is related to the performance of the contract (brokerage agreement). Your personal information is only shared to the minimum extent required and if doing so is necessary to perform the contract, if it is based on legal precedence, or if there is a legitimate interest in the transaction by others (third parties).

Possible recipients of personal data can include: departments of the company responsible for the transaction (e.g. electronic data processing, other administrative units) or companies within the corporate group (e.g. to implement joint projects);
third parties participating in the transaction (persons required to participate in the transaction and potential contractual partners, additional brokers, brokerage platforms, property management, financing companies, private and public entities that may provide or require information about properties, insurance agencies);

Service providers for the manager (e.g. accountant, payroll accounting, attorney) as well as agencies (social security, revenue office, other authorities), legal representatives (when enforcing rights or defending claims or as part of official procedures), or companies operating as contractors managing the IT infrastructure (software, hardware).

Under no circumstances will your data be shared for marketing or similar purposes. Our employees and service providers are legally bound to confidentiality and must comply with data protection regulations.

The transmission of your personal data to parties in a third country (outside of the EU) or to an international organisation is prescribed under standard data protection clauses and adequacy decisions from the European Commission.

There is no automated decision-making (profiling).

The information is necessary so that the contractual relationship can be performed properly.

As a person affected by these policies, you are fundamentally entitled to information, correction, deletion, restriction, opposition, and data portability within the scope of the statutory provisions. To exercise your rights, please contact:

Alpin Rentals GmbH
+43 654 720 600



If you believe that your personal data has been processed in violation of the data protection laws or that your claims under data protection laws have been violated in any manner, you may file a complaint with the data protection authority.

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